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Golden Tickets has secured a major partnership agreement for the pan European supply of RFID cards. The agreement will allow Golden Tickets to supply high quality printed cards for a low cost effective rate. Please get in touch for prices.


We could say like many companies do with their introductory blurbs that we will save you a fortune and make you a better person, but that could be considered misleading at the very least.

What we can honestly say is that Golden Tickets is a service-focused company and our success has been due to our approach of listening to our clients and delivering what they want in order to achieve a 100% secure working ticket on time, every time.

We are a specialist secure ticketing, design and consultancy company that will work with you in order to deliver a quality product as specified by your requirements.

Our Service

With many companies in this field over promising and under delivering, we pride ourselves on offering solutions that are always realistic.

We are ever mindful of security at every stage of the printing process and in addition to that design, print, storage and multiple deliveries are what we measure ourselves on whilst at all times being aware of clients ever shorter required lead times and brand image.


Our core business is in both Thermal and Souvenir tickets, supporting our direct ticket offering we also offer secure Passes, Cards and Badges as well as being able to offer Gift Vouchers and Drink Tokens.

As a bare minimum of explanations, We have improved efficiency, reduced costs and maximised security for our clients that include Football and Rugby Clubs, Promoters, Racecourses, Stadia and Governing Bodies.


We are commercially independent meaning that we have no ties or demands from networks that we believe can compromise objectivity.


We always utilise fit for purpose manufacturing on every job, making sure we don’t shoehorn your work onto the wrong kind of press, the classic way to make a job inefficient or go wrong.

In Summary

Our clients tell us that by using Golden Tickets they are able to focus upon their more pressing and important aspects of their jobs whilst we get on with the detail in the background. In short, they achieve greater value from their budgets and a reduction in operating costs whilst we streamline the working processes creating secure effective tickets that any event would be proud to be associated with.


At this stage we don’t want to go on for ages about the detail without knowing how your business could benefit from working with a supplier like us so please feel free to get in touch at anytime either by telephone or email feel free to contact us, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We guarantee if you are looking for a supplier who will understand your issues, be quick to respond and won't cost you the earth you have come to the right place.


Best regards
The Golden Ticket Team