Latest News

Golden Tickets has secured a major partnership agreement for the pan European supply of RFID cards. The agreement will allow Golden Tickets to supply high quality printed cards for a low cost effective rate. Please get in touch for prices.

Creative and Design

Golden Tickets design studio specialises in Ticket, Card and Poster creation.If you haven’t changed your design for a while, or are simply looking for something new, come and talk to us.


We can either enhance your current ticket or provide some new options for you to think about.We cater to every preference and can ensure we get the right design for you.


Our studio is cutting edge and has designed practically all the tickets you can see on our home page.If you want to see some more samples then just ask us, we’ll gladly send some your way.


We offer competitive rates and when compared to design agencies you’ll find us around 40%-50% cheaper. In most cases, if we are printing your tickets, the design andcreative is free!