Latest News

Golden Tickets has secured a major partnership agreement for the pan European supply of RFID cards. The agreement will allow Golden Tickets to supply high quality printed cards for a low cost effective rate. Please get in touch for prices.

Storage & Fulfilment

As part of our added value offering we can also supply full secure storage and fulfilment options. We tend to find most venues aren’t blessed with an abundance of storage space for ticket stock and there can sometimes be security issues with high levels of stock being left on unsecured premises.

To assist with this we offer all our clients storage and a full range of delivery options if required. We are able to print stock as normal and deliver an initial batch to the venue or event. At the same time we then put the bulk of the ticket stock into secure storage ready to be called-off as required. Deliveries can be ordered in any quantity as many times as needed when it suits you.

Our clients also benefit from the economy of scale factors, the majority of our clients will order stock for the year, allowing them to obtain a better price as we can be more efficient on press on larger print runs.

Tickets can be stored and delivered in a strict number sequence and we also offer monthly stock check/updates as needed.